For School Districts

At Camden County College, it is mission critical to provide accessible, 负担得起的, and high quality educational opportunities to students. We build collaborative partnerships with local high schools and we want to bring college credit to your students.

Our Division of School, 社区, and 劳动力培训 Programs expands college readiness opportunities for high school students by reducing barriers to enrollment. We customize programs that work for your students to get them closer to earning their college degree before they graduate high school.

Our dual credit agreements are faculty-to-faculty programs in which high school faculty members create curriculum for Advanced Placement courses and college faculty certify those courses as college-level. Students in AP courses earn college credit for their work. The College also offers courses to high school students in the high school setting, 在我们的校园, 和在线.

In addition to providing college credit to high school students, Camden County College also supports high school faculty and administrative staff by offering professional development and other various resources. Our new 学校服务 Center facilitates both on campus and remote professional development on current topics in education. The Learning Resource Center on our Blackwood campus allows educators, as well as parents and community members, to borrow educational resources for a yearly fee of only $2. 最后, the New Jersey Child Assault Prevention team educates children and strengthens families so that all children can be safe, strong, 和自由.