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Placement Requirements for New Students

全球赌博十大网站 is here to support you with in-person and remote (virtual) College 分级考试ing. In-person College 分级考试ing is currently appointment based.


Before enrolling in classes we want to make sure you have an appropriate level of skills in reading, 写作, mathematics and English as a Second Langu年龄 (ESL.)

步骤1: Determine if you meet any of the exemption criteria by visiting our 豁免 页面.

步骤2: If your exam scores don’t qualify you for automatic placement in college-level Math or English courses, please see tabs below to request appointment-based, in-person College 分级考试ing or virtual College 分级考试ing to determine your placement at 全球赌博十大网站.

Requesting College 分级考试ing

You will need to know your CCC Student ID# and your CCC Email address. Please see below for steps to set up your CCC email account.

Follow these steps to begin the process of requesting in-person 分级考试ing:

  1. Apply to 全球赌博十大网站 – 马上申请.
  2. Review 全球赌博十大网站 分级考试 exemptions to determine if you might be exempt from part of, 或者整个, 分级考试.
  3. Fill out the form below to make 分级考试ing arrangements. Using your College email is required. For instructions on activating your student email, please visit 学生的电子邮件.

Once the 测试中心 receives your request, we will confirm your appointment with you.

On the date of testing, please report 15 minutes prior to your scheduled testing time. We will begin testing as students arrive, and when arriving to the 测试中心 the following rules are mandatory:

  • Bring a current, valid 照片 ID. See below for acceptable 形式的 照片 ID. Photocopies of IDs, or, 照片s of ID on your mobile device are not permitted.
    可接受的 形式的 照片 标识:
    • Current driver’s license/ State ID Card
    • Current passport/US government immigration ID documents
    • 现在的你.S. 军人身份证
    • Current other state issued driver’s license/ID cards
    • 高中身份证
  • You are required to bring your own pen or pencil
  • If you are taking the ESL Test, you must bring your own headphones
  • For updated return to campus information, please visit:

If you are scheduled to test in Blackwood, the reporting location is the Wolverton 图书馆, Room 200. 请把车停在4号停车场.

If you are scheduled to test in Camden, the reporting location is Camden Technology Center (CTC) Room 203.

All testing must be scheduled in advance.

To request a testing date, please select 现场测试 or 虚拟分班测试 below and complete the appropriate web form.


Please contact the 测试中心 at 856-227-7200 x4710 or by email at for information about CLEP and TEAS, and how to register.

DSST Testing is not currently being offered.