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威尔明顿大学 (WilmU) works for 全球赌博十大网站 (CCC) to provide seamless, connected degree programs for its graduates. The partnership streamlines the transfer process, 最大化的成功, and minimizes both cost and time to graduation.

威尔明顿大学 is also nationally recognized by the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society for excellence and success in creating seamless and supportive transfer pathways for students seeking to continue their education.

With programs 100%在线提供 and at multiple locations in Delaware, WilmU makes it more convenient to earn a bachelor’s, 硕士或博士学位.


STEP Path™ is your seamless path from associate to bachelor’s degree

威尔明顿大学’s STEP Path™ is the Smart Transfer Enrollment Program to degree completion, 无论你从哪里开始. 这种直接, 100% online pathway and scholarship saves CCC students’ time and tuition dollars to complete a bachelor’s degree!

CCC students who choose STEP Path are considered dual-admitted into a select online WilmU bachelor’s degree program 而且 eligible for the STEP Path Scholarship, which covers the remaining courses toward a WilmU bachelor’s degree, up to $5,850 total. Students can also transfer their entire associate’s degree (up to 90 academic credits*).

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STEP Path™是如何工作的

1. Complete your associate degree at CCC.
Meet with an advisor to select the program that’s right for you!

2. Enroll at WilmU in a STEP Path-eligible bachelor’s degree program.
Admission is guaranteed CCC毕业生!

3. Complete at least 12 credits online.
Take 4 courses** within your first three semesters enrolled at WilmU.

4. Continue at WilmU part-time or full-time online towards a bachelor’s degree to remain eligible for the STEP Path Scholarship.

*Possible exceptions can occur when transferring Education courses due to compliance with Delaware state requirements, 以及, for students who change their areas of study.

**Note: STEP Path and Renewable Transfer 奖学金 cannot be used together. However, all students may be eligible for additional WilmU奖学金

***Minimum cumulative GPA required.


Future and Current CCC Students

We are here to help, every step of the way!

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