Clubs & Organizations

Clubs, organizations, 和特殊兴趣小组由全球赌博十大网站全球网络赌博平台和活动办公室授权,以响应学生群体的需求. Clubs are categorized as academic, service, or social/cultural. During the 2023-2024 academic year, the clubs/activities listed below are available for students to join. Some clubs meet exclusively at the Blackwood Campus and others exclusively at the Camden Campus, 但是所有的活动都可以由在学院的四个地点中的任何一个地点注册学分课程的学生参加. 希望参加俱乐部/活动的学生必须填写一份俱乐部会员表,并将其提交给全球网络赌博平台和活动办公室.

For more information regarding joining a club, contact:

Office of Student Life and Activities
Community Center Room 202, Blackwood Campus
Tammy Timbers, Student Life & Engagement Coordinator
(856) 227-7200 ext. 4374

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New Club Guidelines
Returning Club Reactivation

Addictions Counseling Club
LeRoy Stanford
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 4546


ART Club
Joanna Platt
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 4342


CCC Pride 365
Dr. Kelly Jackson
Phone: (856) 227-7200 ext. 4570

The CCC Pride 365 club offers students in the LGBTQIA+ community an opportunity to socialize, do service projects, and participate in visibility events.

Chemistry Club
Roberto Feudale
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 4073

Chemistry Club to afford an opportunity for students of a chemical science to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from a professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, 在会员中培养专业精神,培养对化学科学的专业自豪感, 培养对现代化学家的责任和挑战的认识,并进一步对应用于实际应用的化学原理感兴趣和理解.

Criminal Justice Society
Sean Reilly
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 4213

刑事司法协会的总体目标是活跃在全球赌博十大网站和周边社区. The society will participate in different community service activities each semester. By participating in the society, 刑事司法专业的学生有机会进一步加深他们在刑事司法领域的知识. This is accomplished through our guest speakers, creating friendships with fellow criminal justice students, becoming an active student on campus, and in the community.

Faith in Action Christian Club
Michael Colbert
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 4307

Faith in Action (FIA) is a student Chrisitian Club at Camden County College, 这为学生提供了一个友好和包容的社区,让他们在一个支持性的环境中探索和深化他们的信仰. Our club is open to all students, regardless of their religious background or beliefs. We offer a variety of activities and events, such as movie nights, fundraising, bible studies, prayer groups, campus events, and community service projects. 我们的俱乐部也为学生提供机会与校园里的其他信徒联系,发展有意义的友谊. 作为一个基督教俱乐部,我们致力于通过我们的言行与他人分享基督的爱,我们希望每个加入我们俱乐部的学生都能在他们的信仰中成长,并在我们的社区中找到归属感.

Dental Assisting Club
Andrea Hudnall
Phone: 856/227/7200 ext. 4485

Dental Assisting Club promotes the program and career of dental assisting. 有兴趣的学生参加专业和社区活动,并参加桌上诊所比赛.

Dental Hygiene Club
Kathy Tahmazian
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 4490

Dental Hygiene Club promotes the program and career of dental hygienists. 学生参加专业和社区活动,如健康博览会和特别的校园演讲, which contribute to the oral health education of students.

Dietetic Club
Rose Gaano, DTR

Nutrition & 饮食俱乐部探索社区营养的机会,重点是社区服务和建立关系.

Environmental Club
Edward Ramirez-Wright
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 4457

环境俱乐部旨在提供与生物和环境科学领域相关的经验和技能培养机会. These goals are promoted through scheduled field and laboratory activities, field trips, local community service and environmental advocacy.

Game Design Guild
Ryan Morrison

Game Design Guild致力于向任何对游戏如何运作或制作感兴趣的人展示游戏技术和游戏文化的积极方面. Whether you play, design, or just like to sit and talk about games, the Game Design Guild is the club for you. 我们与当地组织和公司合作,收集信息,并与其他玩家和网络用户建立联系.

J.E.D.I Club
Ellen Davis
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4396

Jeff Edwards
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4502

The Justice, Inclusion, 公平和多样性俱乐部致力于培养一个文化包容的环境,思想和表达的多样性是有价值的, respected, appreciated and celebrated. It serves as a resource to increase the level of Mindful and thoughtful discourse, prevent bias incidents in and outside of the classroom, as well as to develop trust within the community and on our campuses by providing information, referrals, advocacy, coordination and support for diversity-related events, activities, initiative and discussions.

Jacqueline Tenuto
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 5088

The LIONS Club is an international non-profit organization. Being a Lion is about leading by example, building Relationships and improving the world through kindness.

Keith O’Shaughnessy
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 4561

麦迪逊文学协会是一个致力于文学创作和欣赏的学生组织. 我们每周举行会议,讨论著名作家和一般文学主题,并为小组成员工作举办讲习班. We also host a variety of semester, campus-wide events such as open mic’s, visiting author, 教师阅读和朗诵比赛以及年度出版派对庆祝我们的文学杂志的发行, The Madison Review. Periodically, we even arrange visits to regional museums, university readings and writer’s conferences. Meetings are open to all students and to events to the entire CCC community. Similarly, all genres and styles of literary art are welcome for discussion and performance.

Muslim Student Club
Jaime Vona
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 3873

穆斯林学生俱乐部提倡伊斯兰教的教育和信息观,帮助解决和消除当今对伊斯兰教的误解. It will provide a new prospective of life and one’s role in it, and to enlighten both Muslims and Non-Muslims through camaraderie and solidarity. 它旨在提供一个平台,让学生可以自由地从事宗教活动,促进不同信仰和文化之间的理解.

Nursing Club
Andrea Poore
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4451

CCC护理俱乐部是一个以服务为基础的俱乐部,由全球赌博十大网站所有护理专业的学生组成. We meet twice monthly and take part in charitable events and activities.
Attendance will be taken at each meeting. You must participate in meetings and activities to be included as a member.

Why should you join CCC Nursing Club?

  • To do something good for your community!
  • To do something fun with your peers outside of classes!
  • Learn something new!
  • Looks great on a resume!

Reorganizing & Progressing Club
Dru Jones-Edwards
Phone: (856) 227-7200, ext. 4037

通过允许所有学生加入,帮助多元化学生团体取得成功,并加强合作参与. This will be a safe space to talk about current events and the extensive history of Black individuals.

Veterinary Technician and Assistants Club
Joan Ulrich
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 4328

兽医技术员和助理俱乐部通过筹款活动支持当地动物保护组织的使命, trips, and education. 学生领导的会议和活动计划帮助有需要的动物和促进负责任的宠物饲养.

WDBK Radio Station

Nick Earnshaw
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 4481

Anthony Friedlander
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 4481

WDBK Radio Station at 91.5 FM is a non-commercial, non-profit radio station. WDBK由全球赌博十大网站的学生组成,并得到学院教师和管理人员的协助. 该电台为对广播感兴趣的学生提供了另一种节目来源和学习广播电台运作的机会.

World Culture
Lani Nguyen
Phone: 856/227-7200 ext. 4568

世界文化俱乐部为外国出生的学生和对世界文化感兴趣的美国学生提供了通过各种旅行相遇的机会, social activities and educational programs. 该组织促进对文化多样性的认识和欣赏,并为国际学生提供更多了解美国文化的机会.